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Do you have the last will and testament from my long lost uncle, that I never knew, that states I am to inherent millions in cash and a veritable cornucopia of exotic estates spanning the globe? Then use one of the links.

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  • Did you know that 98.8% of geeks are only good at making online blogs and not speaking in public?
  • Did you know that I’m the other 1.2%?
  • Did you know that 97.3% of statistics are made up?

Want to add some fun and enjoyment to your next teacher training or professional development day? Then I’d suggest bringing cake. If no cake is available then perhaps you’d like a one-of-a-kind workshop by Matt Mawhiney. I’ve been in special education for 4 years, and previous to that I worked as a district tech specialist and taught speech and theatre. I offer varying talks for teachers and educators on topics such as SMART board software, how to use ipads in the classroom, geocaching, and many more.

If you’d like more information on my current workshops or have a topic you’d like me to speak about please e-mail me at with the subject “Workshops.”


Current Workshops

Why video games are better at teaching than you are.

The video game industry is a bustling business that’s made over $20 billion dollars (compared to the movie industry’s $10 billion) by finding ways to positively reward players who play their game. They have taken the psychology behind education and beat us at our own game. This workshop takes a look at how they get kids to play, how they keep them playing, and how to use that knowledge in our classrooms. Also it’s a good excuse to play video games during a professional development day. Just saying.